5 Favourite Vintage Shops In Vienna, Austria

Viennese Charm, Vintage Style.

Vienna is a mix of stunning and charming, with a vast and extensive history. The people exude a cool and sophisticated style while still being laid back, so I was excited to check out the local vintage shops. Vienna has some great vintage; I wasn’t disappointed! And it’s such a beautiful city to walk around, that a day of vintage shopping is a real treat.

Vintage Shops In Vienna

First up is Uppers and Downers. A cool collection of vintage with a small curated selection of new too. I found the jacket pictured above. (It’s vintage Prada, and they sold it for 50 euro for reference.) They also had a tartan nightdress

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Wool Jumpers – Slowly Made in Britain

Happy Wool Week!

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Wool Week always comes at the best time of year. When everyone is looking out their winter woollies, it’s like they thought about it!! To read more about Wool Week, click here.

Wool is a brilliant staple for an autumn and winter wardrobe. Pure wool is antibacterial and breathable meaning it is comfortable to wear, even with the heating cranked up. It’s biodegradable and doesn’t harm the environment in the way that acrylic and poly knitwear can. Wool was Englands most valuable export in Medieval times and is still produced to a high standard all over the UK today.

I’ve listed a few of my favourite brands producing beautiful British made wool jumpers.

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How To Build A Conscious Wardrobe

A few tips…It’s natural to read the weekly news headlines and despair. Imagine everyone could get dressed in the morning and not have to worry our clothing caused environmental destruction? Yes, please! And we could champion local and sustainable brands. Knowing the people who produced the clothes were treated fairly and paid for their work. Fast fashion is not eco-friendly and is rife with greenwashing. Zara recently pledged to only use sustainable fabrics by 2025 and yet continue to mass-produce clothing at an unprecedented rate.  However, we can fight back with our wallets on an individual basis with these five tips for a more conscious wardrobe.

Tips For A Conscious Wardrobe Invest in Better Quality

Note that better quality doesn’t

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September: Gold Necklaces, Candles + Email Letters

The September Edit 

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September is such a good month.

There is still warm sunshine leftover from summer, and it’s combined with a back to school feeling. I really feel the shift of the seasons and like to use it to recreate a different emotion, both in my work and home life. I decorate my home with a few more blankets, I take out candles and light them in the evenings. And spend more time drinking tea, while my autumn capsule wardrobe starts to make an appearance.

One of my goals is to take more notice of the seasons and even break it down further to take more note

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Summer Capsule Wardrobe 2019 – What I Wore

It’s been a hot one!

Contains gifted items and affiliate links.

I favour the capsule wardrobe method for a few reasons. The main one is that I always have something to wear. By taking some time at the start of each season, I can make sure all my clothes fit and look good together. If something is too small, I’ll store it away and take it out again another time. If it’s too big, I’ll usually get it altered to fit.

I find I buy fewer clothes too and the clothes I do buy are of better quality. I make mistakes, though – I tend to go a bit overboard in the vintage shops in summer. It’s an excitement for the hot,

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Week 30 Sustainable Fashion Links

Zara, a Mount Everest Clean Up and an ethical croc bag?! Hello, how are you? 

It’s difficult to talk about sustainability without getting overly political – as politics and sustainability go hand in hand. Notably, a new prime minister was appointed this week in the UK. Boris Johnson is the new leader of The Conservative Party and for now, the British government. His speeches and plans so far, unfortunately, do not cover climate change. However, the party are offering the chance to put our views across – if you are a British citizen. Follow this link and tell them what is a priority for you – whether it’s climate change, global warming, the overuse of single-use plastics, fast-fashion or anything

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20 Beautiful Summer Linen Dresses

Light and Breathable 

Linen is produced from the flax plant. Initially, the stems were used for basket weaving long before the fibre was used to make textiles. Cultivation of the flax plant has been popular in Europe, The Middle East and Africa. With the ancient Egyptians using it to dress if they could afford it. Linen had a resurgence in the 1990s as people began to take more care about the ecological impact of textiles and clothes. Linen is very easy to grow, launder and wear. Additionally, it uses little water to grow. It is strong, resilient to mould – if it is stored clean and dry and is breathable.

The long summer days call out for linen. It’s a comfortable and carefree fabric to

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Outfits In July – A Week Of Sustainable Outfits

Which includes a whole lot of vintage…

Dressing for summer days can be both a blessing and a curse. Roll out of bed and grab a pair of shorts and tee or a floaty print dress and pair it with sandals. As each day goes by, I become more comfortable with showing off skin that during winter never sees the light of day. Recently I prefer to wear more of my skin covered to avoid the ‘brit on holiday’ lobster look. These are some of my outfits in July.

Blouse and Shorts

Meandering around a palace garden in my secondhand silk top I found on Etsy. The Etsy seller was based in Berlin too so who knows, maybe the top has

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Shopping Tips

Sales Sales Sales!
Black Friday is the name given to the day after Thanksgiving. It begins the unofficial season for Christmas shopping. Retailers have long cottoned onto this and have huge discounts and bargains to entice shoppers to buy more. The Monday after Black Friday now being touted as Cyber Monday. A term thought up by marketers to encourage people to shop online for exceptional deals. The phenomenon has come to Europe too in recent years. We don’t generally celebrate Thanksgiving but have copied the bargain shopping part! 

I know what you’re thinking, that I’m going to ask you to boycott Black Friday altogether… Well no. But I will share a few tips with you to make sure you don’t end up

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Fashion as a Form of Education: Getting into Cultural Intellectual Property Law

Monica Moisin ©️Sustainable Fashion Matterz

Podcast Interview with Monica Boța-Moisin // Lawyer and Founder of Cultural Intellectual Property Rights Initiative

by Cherie Birkner


“Every company will have someone who is trained in Cultural Intellectual Property.”

Monica Moisin ©️Sustainable Fashion Matterz

Monica Bota Moisin is a lawyer for Cultural Intellectual Property (CIP) in fashion as well as founder of the Cultural Intellectual Property Rights Initiative (CIPRI) where she is working on a framework to preserve traditional culture expressions and build bridges between traditional artisans and the fashion industry.

In this podcast episode she explains the importance of cultural intellectual property, discuss where we are now, how to handle the subject as a designer or brand and what the future will look

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What does Cultural Intellectual Property Law have to do with Sustainable Fashion?

Monica Moisin ©️Sustainable Fashion Matterz


What does Cultural Intellectual Property Law have to do with Sustainable Fashion?

A short answer and teaser of our next episode featuring Monica Boța-Moisin the first lawyer to specialize on cultural intellectual property in fashion.

Full interview coming soon.

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The Sustainable Fashion Guide to Berlin Neukoelln, Weserstrasse

Sustainable Shopping Guide Weserstraße, Berlin Neukölln. Left: Vintage jacket from Juno Juno. Right: Angelica, owner of Juno Juno. ©️Sustainable Fashion Matterz

Sustainable Shopping Guide

by Lexi Hughes

There are many reasons why Berlin is a desirable place to live. Between the eclectic food and diverse art, sprawling parks and waterways, and semi affordable rent (that we’re fighting hard to maintain) there’s something that captivates you about this city.

Lexi Hughes ©️Sustainable Fashion Matterz

One of the reasons I love living in Berlin is because of the freedom and individualistic style of its people and their commitment to sustainable and slow fashion. For me, sustainable fashion fits into a larger philosophy about taking a slower and more measured approach to the

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Female Founders Change the Fashion Industry! EVENT RECAP

©️ Risa Mano


by Cherie Birkner


With over 250 people on the guest list for our event at Betahaus Berlin with #FRAUENMACHT we hit a new record!

Woo-hoo 🙂

Magazine Goodies 🙂
Thekla / Kleiderei
Jovan / j.jackman
Jovan / j.jackman
Lia / Myrka Studios
Nicole / Homenest
©️ Johanna Hesselbarth
(c) Johanna Hesselbarth

After the exciting presentations from our speakers Thekla Wilkenring co-founder of Kleiderei, Jovan Vialva founder of j.jackman, Lia Bernard co-founder of Myrka Studios, and Nicole Reinhard founder of Homenest Digital we hosted a round of short pitches where our guests had the opportunity to introduce their business or

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Sustainable Fashion Matterz x Textilstammtisch Summer Meetup Belin


What do you do?

What are you looking for/particularly interested in?

What should people contact you for?

These are the questions we use as the foundation of our networking events. Together with Textilstammtisch Berlin, which organizes monthly events regarding the textile industry, we hosted a casual mid-summer meetup in Berlin, and have some new personalities with solution focused businesses and ideas we would like to introduce to you.


Arianna Nicoletti & Ina Budde



What do you do?

I am the co-founder of Green Fashion Tours and Circular Economy Tours. With these two projects we bring interested people, designers and professionals on a sustainable  journey, meeting designers, entrepreneurs and start-ups from different fields. 


We believe that human connection is the best way to

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How to Reduce the Amount of Clothes You Buy and Love them Longer

Hannah Kromminga

Interview with Hannah Kromminga // Founder of Silfir.com

by Cherie Birkner



“What is most impactful is to drastically reduce the amount of clothes we buy.”

What does sustainable fashion mean to you?

For me the meaning of sustainable fashion really goes back to the word ‘sustain’ – how can we create a way of consuming fashion that sustains our environment, as well as the people and animals who live in it? The word also stands for any effort to take us back into an economic model that is self sustainable and not depleting our resources.

Why did you feel like the sustainable fashion market needed a new solution?

I started my research back in October 2016 because I was

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Fashion Revolution 2018 Flash Mob at Alexanderplatz, Berlin / captured by Nikolett Madai

Interview with Nora Milena Vehling // Country Coordinator of Fashion Revolution Germany

by Cherie Birkner

“Fashion Revolution is not just a hashtag.

It is hundreds of thousands of people who are taking action to fight for human rights.”


Nora Milena Vehling, Country Coordinator of Fashion Revolution Germany / ©️Cherie Birkner

Over 80 people showed up at this years Fashion Revolution meeting in Berlin to get involved with the organisation of the Catwalk Flash Mob at Alexanderplatz. Last year I didn’t see near as many volunteers, how do you explain the exponential growth?

Yes, we are growing each year! I am very excited to see more and more people engaging. Moreover

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FAIR FASHION: What Is It Worth?


Text and photography by ©️Cherie Birkner


It’s the summer of 2015, I’m standing in the middle of Beacons Closet in Williamsburg NYC, with a silk designer blouse in my hand. The original tag (175,00$) is still hanging on it, but the price Beacons Closet sells it for is 16,99$. It’s not so far fetched to ask yourself, what is it really worth? Does worth at all have to do with the prices we pay? And how can we learn to appreciate clothes when they are displayed like this:


“..Every Day Something New”

New clothes from 1€

Hi, I’m Cherie Birkner, I studied fashion design and also worked as a fashion designer. I know how to design a collection, make a

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Are You Ready For Fashion Revolution?

Berlin Fashion Revolution Crew meets in Berlin March 25th to plan a big surprise…                                          ©️Cherie Birkner

What is Fashion Revolution?

We all know that feeling of “what difference do I make?”, well Fashion Revolution is a perfect example how in the end of the day every person makes a difference, because there is no revolution without individuals being active. So, how does that work? Turn your shirt inside out, with the tag in front. Take a selfie, and post #whomademyclothes @ the account of the label you are wearing. That can look something like this:

Kim Gerlach / Kim Goes Eco

If you’ve checked out our fashion facts you already know that these posts seem to be impacting the

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This Sustainable Fashion Brand Actually Saves AND Gives Water!

© Cherie Birkner // Berlin 2018

Interview with Ali Azimi // Founder of Blue Ben & Drip By Drip

by Cherie Birkner


“We believe that you have to create something radical, something that makes people curious, something they can talk about.”

Remember our feature in Enorm Magazine? Well that’s how we connected with Ali. Packing for his flight to Bangladesh he highlighted a part the interview which said, that it takes 7,000 litres of water to make one pair of jeans, and posted it in his Instastories. What he was going to Bangladesh for? To set the foundation for the worlds first water giving apparel. Yes you read correctly: water giving apparel! How it works? Through the purchase of

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Sustainable Fashion Exploded All Over the Berlin Fashion Week.


Text and photography by Cherie Birkner


Group photo at the Fashion Changer x pre PEEK lounge. Find who is who here.

What now is Sustainable Fashion Matterz began one year ago, during the Berlin Fashion Week in January 2017. Before I got started with the portraits I had no Idea how far sustainable fashion had come, and that there actually are already so many solutions to fast fashion for consumers to choose from.

One year later, it seems sustainable fashion has exploded all over Berlin’s Fashion Week! It is no longer just the Green Showroom & Ethical Fashion Show exhibiting sustainable brands, but in fact most trade shows now have their own section for sustainable brands.

Panorama premiered XOOM as their new

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