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How to Make DIY Hand Sanitizer (Based on W.H.O. Hand Sanitizer Recipe)



As rising numbers of diagnosed cases create growing concerns over the coronavirus (a.k.a. COVID-19), throngs of people have been swarming stores to stockpile medical, cleaning, and household supplies.

Just a few weeks into America’s experience with this global pandemic, panic-stricken people have been hoarding more toilet paper, bleach, N95 medical masks, and hand sanitizer than they could use in a year. As a result, many grocery store shelves are empty of these important items.  

Some opportunistic folks have tried hoarding hand sanitizer and price gouging for up to $80 a bottle on Amazon and eBay. Fortunately, both sites have banned price-gouging and booted the offenders, some of whom have gotten death threats for trying to capitalize on the COVID-19

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