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Nestlé Consumer Beverage Delivery Service Certified Carbon Neutral



(Photo: A Nestlé Waters North America ReadyRefresh electric vehicle. Credit: Nestlé)

Nestlé Waters North America’s ReadyRefresh consumer beverage delivery service earned carbon neutral certification for 2020 under Natural Capital Partners’ CarbonNeutral global standard, the company reported.

The ReadyRefresh direct-to-consumer service makes more than 7,000 deliveries each working hour, according to Nestlé. In order to achieve CarbonNeutral certification, ReadyRefresh followed the steps outlined by the Natural Capital Partners’ protocol: defining the subject, measuring its greenhouse gas emissions, setting the target, and reducing emissions.

Specifically, ReadyRefresh converted half of the beverage delivery trucks to propane this year and began adding electric vehicles to its last-mile fleet. The service optimized routes with dynamic routing, which cut 600,000 customer delivery miles in

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