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Arctic Animals: 30 Species of Arctic Birds, Mammals & Whales




Arctic Tern by adriankirby from Pixabay ARCTIC TERN

Latin Name: Sterna paradisea
Habitat: Arctic and subarctic areas of North America, Asia, and Europe
Size: Length 11 to 15.3 in; Weight 3.2 to 4.2 oz
Diet: Fish, crustaceans
Conservation Status: Least Concern

Other Arctic Tern Facts: Although they’re one of the most commonly seen birds of the Arctic, Arctic Terns stand out by holding the record for the longest distance migration of any bird. They migrate around 25,000 miles each year, flying all the way from the Arctic to Antarctica.

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Horned Puffins in Glacier Bay National Park by Bret Love ATLANTIC PUFFIN

Latin Name: Fratercula arctica
Habitat: Northern Atlantic coast during breeding

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