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40 Amazing Costa Rica Animals That Will Make You Want to Visit NOW




[Updated 1/14/2020]  The other day, during a conversation about the places we’ve traveled to and would never re-visit, we were flabbergasted when a friend suggested that a Costa Rica vacation had nothing further to offer her.

We’ve explored ecotourism in Costa Rica three times now. We’ve traveled its nooks and crannies, ranging from the rivers of Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge (near the Nicaragua border) to the remote Caribbean coast of Tortuguero National Park.

We’ve seen thousands of different Costa Rica animals, from massive mammals and reptiles to remarkably colorful Costa Rica birds, butterflies, and frogs.

With the country’s impressive array of ecosystems– from sunny beaches and volcano-fed hot springs to the world’s most bio-diverse rainforests– we honestly couldn’t imagine anyone getting bored traveling

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