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Why sustainable livestock farming is essential for a healthy planet



Ahead of the broadcast of the BBC 1 documentary, ‘Meat, A Threat to our Planet?’, Patrick Holden, CEO of the Sustainable Food Trust (SFT) stresses the importance of differentiating between the livestock systems and meats that are part of the problem, and those that are part of the solution.

“There is no doubt that grain fed, intensively farmed livestock, including those found in feed-lots in the USA, are hugely damaging to the environment and public health, and for this reason should be phased out entirely.

However, it is also true that sustainable agriculture represents one of     the most significant opportunities to mitigate irreversible climate change, primarily through the regeneration of our soils. With this in mind, grazing ruminant animals (including cattle and sheep), have a critically important role to play in rebuilding our

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