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The Sustainable Fashion Guide to Berlin Neukoelln, Weserstrasse



Sustainable Shopping Guide Weserstraße, Berlin Neukölln. Left: Vintage jacket from Juno Juno. Right: Angelica, owner of Juno Juno. ©️Sustainable Fashion Matterz

Sustainable Shopping Guide

by Lexi Hughes

There are many reasons why Berlin is a desirable place to live. Between the eclectic food and diverse art, sprawling parks and waterways, and semi affordable rent (that we’re fighting hard to maintain) there’s something that captivates you about this city.

Lexi Hughes ©️Sustainable Fashion Matterz

One of the reasons I love living in Berlin is because of the freedom and individualistic style of its people and their commitment to sustainable and slow fashion. For me, sustainable fashion fits into a larger philosophy about taking a slower and more measured approach to the

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